Special -vehicles

for exceptional requirements.


KEMPF-3-axle-semitrailer-platform chassis, type SP 36/3 for transport of round wood/spar

Semitrailer Tipper Glass collector

KEMPF-3-axle-Semitrailer-Tipper, type SKM 36/3 AK with alloy-body

Semitrailer Tipper Battery transport

KEMPF-3-axle-Semitrailer-Tipper, type SKM 36/3 SR-Membrane


KEMPF-4-axle-belttrailer, type SPB 48/4 with conveyor belt, oil and temperature resistant

Semitrailer Tipper

KEMFP-3-axle-Semitrailer-Tipper, type SKM 36/3 AK with alloy-body. For the transport of solid and liquid goods

Platform Semitrailer

KEMPF-4-axle-semitrailer, type SP 48/4 designed for a mobile loading crane

Platform Semitrailer

KEMPF-2-axle-lowloader-semitrailer, type SPT 38/3. With loading trestle for inclined jack

Beverage Semitrailer

KEMPF-3-axle-semitrailer, type SPG-C 35/3, in 3x cranked design, 46 paletts

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